Nonhazardous Disposal

KilnDirect’s co-processing experts are committed to finding the best solution for your waste disposal needs. Our service eliminates re-entry of products into the marketplace, reduces your carbon footprint, and greatly reduces the possibility of future liability associated with land disposal.


Cost-effective, safe methods of disposal for excess and discarded materials is a significant challenge for manufacturers. Many materials can be landfilled, but some products are proprietary or have street value, so a witnessed burn is necessary. We provide witnessed destruction so you can be certain that your materials are properly disposed of, that they will not be reused, and to ensure that there is no chance of liability in the future.


Our Services

Engineered Fuel

We produce on-specification fuel for cement kilns using non-hazardous waste by-products and excess materials. We help conserve the environment by replacing fossil fuels and eliminating the need for landfilling.

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We accept by-products for the purpose of separation and resale.

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Specialty Services

We separate liquids from solids, allowing us to return the expensive liquids to our customers for reuse.

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