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Specialty Services



Sometimes, certain waste materials require special processing. Such types of materials require careful management for safe disposal. Our Specialty Services group will manage your special waste and provide responsible disposal solutions. We can help formulate a plan, for implementation on-site or at our facility, for special waste.


Copier toner processing through our engineered Alternate Solids Fuel (ASF) program

We offer a unique process that allows us to process toner safely and efficiently into solid fuel. Our process solves the associated dusting issues, thus eliminating the health, safety, and environmental concerns typically associated with this material.


Drum Processing

We process drummed waste in order to transfer it to a bulk container for direct shipments to our cement kiln partners. We use a Roberoller agitation system to maintain a uniform mixture within our transport vessels. The purpose of this system is to safely transport waste that can be recycled for energy recovery. Our vehicles collect liquid, sludge, and light solid materials.



We are open to discussions with select partners who would like to build a world-class facility and partner with a team that is totally focused on your success in the short and long term. If you’re interested, please contact us.

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